Cusco Architectural Highlights Half Day Tour

Overview :

Among the things we'll see in this tour is the "Compañía de Jesús" church, considered one of the most important examples of Baroque architecture in Peru. Its interior is decorated with golden leaves and intricate carvings, and the exterior is characterized by its ornate stonework and intricate facade.

Another one is Qoricancha, once the most important religious site in the Incan Empire. This temple is a testament to the ingenuity and skill of Incan architects & builders. The gold and precious stones that once adorned it were looted by Spanish conquerors.

At last, Sacsayhuaman is a fascinating piece of architectural history that is sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor. The fortress walls, made of massive, interlocking stones, are a testament to the Incan genius for design and engineering. As a tour guide, I've read lots of information about this place but still, everytime I walk around I find it unbelievable how they moved the huge stones, sometimes heavier than 10 tons. This place is stunning.


  • Private transportation

  • Private tour guide 

  • Entrance fee

No included:

  • Meals

  • Snacks

  • Drinks 


  • Our day will start with you getting picked up from your lodging.

  • After an approx. 10 min drive, we'll reach the Compañía de Jesús, the finest example of baroque art in Cusco.

  • Then, we'll visit the inside of the church: ornamented altars and stunning frescoes, including a magnificent pulpit carved from a single piece of cedar wood.

  • Afterwards, we'll walk along an ancient avenue for approx 10 mins to our next spot:

  • Qoricancha shares an area with the Santo Domingo church, so we'll see Inca and colonial architecture at the same time.

  • In Qoricancha we'll see rooms made of stones where you're not able to put even a needle between them. It has the best architecture of the Inca time: the Inca imperial style.

  • Next we'll take our private transportation to our last spot: Sacsayhuaman, which is located at a 3600m height.

  • On arrival, we'll walk for approx. an hour through massive stones.

  • In the end we'll see all of Cusco city from a viewpoint.

  • We'll then drive back to your lodging.